Most Anticipated Horror Games 2024: A Look at the Top Releases

Horror games have their own world of gaming, Fans are excited to see what horror video games are coming in this year. Horror games are thrilling and strategic games where the player can decide the next step. It already 6 months left in 2024, we will talk about the most anticipated horror games of 2024 that will be released in the upcoming months and what are their gameplay. These upcoming horror games stand out in the gaming community which are most awaiting games for fans.

What Are the Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024?

6. Still Wakes the Deep

Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024

A Survival Horror Game released on 18 June, Still Wakes the Deep most anticipated horror game of 2024. Published by the Secret Mode and developed by The Chinese Room, They create the best story of survival in the game. This horror game is filled with adventure and immersive gameplay. The Games can be played on every gaming device.

This horror game has created outstanding gameplay with no combat but still, this game has different kinds of story where a player can win from the monster or try to survive in the Oil Refinery. The Protagonist ” Cameron McLeary” is stuck in the rig which got attacked by the beast he has to find ways to skip. The weather and sea creatures can be a challenging task for the skipper. You cannot fight with creatures you have only three options run, jump, and climb the ladder, This game is full of puzzles and exploring to escape from the chasing Monster.

5. Alone in the Dark

Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024

A realistic story-like movie, the best horror game released on March 20, Edward Carnby is the main character and investigator who explores the Derceto Menor Haunted House. The game series came before in 1992, Pieces Interactive has now made a new gaming experience and updated the graphics of the game. This game is now available for PS5, PCs and Xbox.

Alone in the Dark has the same franchise as the Resident Evil series remake. The developer has made the graphics very realistic and full of fearful voices. The Gameplay of Alone in the Dark has some action in which a player can use weapons and guns in the fighting scene which we see in the trailer. This game is a full-on adventure and exploration, the game is designed to survive by using the elements that are hidden.

4. The Casting of Frank Stone

Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024

A cinematic horror game of 2 024 by Dead by Daylight, the release date is not confirmed. The game has been developed by supermassive games, realistic and very enthusiastic gameplay with the adventure of multi-characters. The survival story of the game reveals many things in the trailer. The gameplay will be available on all platforms PS5, windows, and Xbox series.

The Casting of Frank Stone is set in 1980 in Ceder Hills, The story has four boys who want to shoot a movie in the mill. The horror mill we see in the trailer is set to show the scariest place where demons live. Supermassive Games has created many games like this, but this gameplay is the all-time best, the developer makes the environment full of puzzles and hidden things. The Gamer will experience the QTE (quick time events) in the game which makes the player take every step with strategy and smartly.

3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game

Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024

As we all know Killer Klowns from Outer Space was released in 1988, now the IllFonic developer and Teravision Games made a video game similar to the Movie. The Game was released on June 4 initially, the most thrilling horror gameplay where a player cannot find the way out. This game can access on all device.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game is a multiplayer game where a player has to survive between Klowns. 3 players control the Klown and Kownpocalypse start, the other seven have to serve and escape alive. The huge environment looks very easy to escape but it is not. The player can use so many items like a Key card, Gate key, and sparkplug to find the best route from four gates. Klowns make this game challenging by making temperory blocks from cotton candy.

Players can use anything to defeat the Klowns and attack humans with popcorn bazookas, The gameplay is very interesting and engaging. The Player has to run away to get out from the trap of Klown. Dead Player can watch the game after getting caught and killed by Klowns.

2. Silent Hill 2

Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024

Silent Hills 2 is the most horror and our first game on the list, Silent Hill 2 was made in 2001 by Team Silent. This game has a huge fan following and will be the most-awaited horror game in 2024. Bloober Team developer and Konami are the publishers of this game. They used advanced elements and strong graphics to make this game interesting and engaging.

Silent Hill 2 is a physical horror game in which James Sunderland character can be controlled by the Player. A Widower who gets back to town after receiving a letter from his dead wife. The Gameplay has many horror scenes and some fighting scenes with the monsters. The Gameplay has improved now and the original creative creatures have too much detailed and realistic work. The Game will be available for all gamers who use Xbox, Pcs, and PSs.

1. Dark Fracture

Dark Fracture is best horror and most awaited game, The trailer of this game is very amazing and mindblowing. The first-person game trailer is very psychopathic and thrilling. The story of this game starts from the Edwards life, Edward’s survival can be controlled by the player, A lonely man working who does research on facilities. Edward’s Past is unforgettable, the midnight shift makes him remember the past moving of something and strange sounds. The Player has to solve this mystery by the strategy where every step comes up with new puzzles to solve.

The Game will release in 2024, the best horror game of all time. The Gameplay is very thrilling, there are many creatures in the trailer which always makes the viewer scared, and Twisted ll Studio made this game more horror with graphics and creative creatures out of the world. The Game will be released on all platforms for gamers where they can get full entertainment and enjoyment. The Gameplay is made with the strategy many elements of this game are helpful to win the game.


In conclusion, This Year has lots of fun and entertainment for gamers. The Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2024 are shown above, these games are set to give thrilling and amazing gameplay to fans. The games are full of puzzles, haunted places, or terrifying survival adventures. The story of these games has something different for every horror game fan. 2024 will give so many surprises to gamers and let them experience new advance gameplay.


Q: What are the most anticipated horror games coming in 2024?

A: Some of the most anticipated horror games coming in 2024 include titles like “Still Wakes the Deep,” “Slitterhead,” and the remake of “Silent Hill 2.”

Q: When is the release date for the remake of Silent Hill 2?

A: The release date for the remake of Silent Hill 2 is yet to be officially announced, but it is expected to come out in 2024.

Q: Will there be a sequel to Little Nightmares 3?

A: As of now, there is no confirmation of a sequel to Little Nightmares 3, but fans are eagerly awaiting any announcements.

Q: What is the significance of the casting of Frank Stone in the upcoming horror games?

A: The casting of Frank Stone hints at a compelling storyline and immersive experience in the upcoming horror games.

Q: Are there any new horror games that offer terrifying experiences in platforming and puzzle solving?

A: Yes, games like “Still Wakes the Deep” and “Alone in the Dark” promise terrifying experiences with platforming and puzzle elements.

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